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We for Gaza

Call for a world wide campaign

With the life of people in Gaza seriously endangered, it is the duty of the people of the world, of associations, groups and religious denominations to take responsibility and act. We need to take action to ensure this slow genocide finds its place on the international agenda.

First and foremost, our sights must be on the siege, imposed by the Israeli authorities and actively supported by the Egyptian government. Culpability is also shared by those of their allies who, actively or passively, persist in colluding to deprive Gaza’s people of human rights, essential supplies, medicines, sewage treatment, drinkable water, energy and freedom of movement.

This is not a natural catastrophe, but a man-made one.

Gaza’s slow strangulation highlights not only the sacrifice of the civilians there, but also what hopes may be left for autonomy, freedom and the survival of Palestine.

To those who ask, “Who profits from Gaza staying alive?” the answers are obvious: two million human beings living in Gaza and three million human beings living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Gaza has been under siege for 10 years now. The 2014 ceasefire agreement between the Gaza Government and factions and the Israeli government included negotiations to open its land borders and provide a seaport, thus providing some relief from the siege.

Over the following three years, with some rare exceptions carried out by rogue actors, Gaza has honored its side of the deal. This has not been the case with the Israelis: low intensity attacks from land, sea and air have been an almost-daily occurrence, and have killed at least 30 Gazans, including fishermen. Rather than enforce the agreement brokered by them, the Egyptian authorities have tightened the siege and increased the suffering by bombing and flooding tunnels, and implementing an almost total closure of Rafah Crossing; the only alternative transit point for people, food, medicines and many other civilian supplies not permitted entry by Israe l-not even after the elaborate agreements reached with the UN for the entry of construction materials to rebuild the thousands of destroyed homes these have been respected by Israel.

Hundreds of deaths have already resulted from a lack of medicines, treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and of instruments for diagnostics and care, and more will inevitably result from environmental contamination, poverty and subsequent poor nutrition of the most fragile sectors of the population- especially children. The electricity, fuel, sewage and water situations have become unbearable and untenable, impacting severely on public health. The collapse of productive and commercial activities has resulted in an unemployment rate of over 40% and a consequent sense of despair among the population, affecting mostly the youth.

The currently silent European Union has failed to maintain even its pre-existing commitments. Most obvious is its failure to keep the Rafah border open under the still-active EUBAM mechanism. Similarly, it has abandoned an approved project for a Gaza seaport. Both of these were contained in the 2014 agreements for the cessation of hostilities.

The UN has failed to implement its many Resolutions.

We have been urged to act also by the most recent calls of the PHROC (Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council), Physicians for Human Rights and by the condemnation expressed by Gisha (Israeli Legal Center for the Freedom of Movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories) and the many others now being issued to build up an international campaign for Gaza that presents not only emergency requests, but a list of structural needs to be satisfied.

The list of the interventions is long – because inaction has persisted even longer and it will just keep mounting until change occurs. The time to act and provide what is so urgently needed is short.

The right to health, and to life, can only be guaranteed by a fully-functioning health system, by the provision of essential infrastructure and by a functioning economy. These should be provided by the authorities enforcing the siege. With no firm deadlines or sanctions in place, the international humanitarian laws requiring the occupying entity to provide to the needs of the occupied population have been disregarded and violated for too long. Time has now run out.

In the establishment of an integrated plan for the provision of tools, to accompany the first step in exercising international pressure on the Israeli authorities to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations under international law, it will be necessary to be ready to directly meet the Palestinian people’s essential needs and to do so within a framework that is independent of the parties denying these needs and upholding the siege.

So, we ask the international community of States, the European Union and the UN to act immediately and on a long-term plan of action. There are already frozen funds and approved projects that could accommodate many of the following requests:

– Immediate and stable supply of medicines, medical surgical devices, instruments and their parts, to restore very rapidly the deficits in provision of health services, and grant their maintenance.

– Immediate provision of a stable supply line of fuel to generate energy and of new energy cables to cover needs during construction of a second power plant in Gaza.

– Immediate, stabilized 24/7 opening of the Rafah border by EUBAM.

– Construction of a desalination plant of the size needed to provide drinking water for the whole community.

– Construction of the promised sea port while temporarily ensuring the activation of a small passenger and small items vessel service between Gaza and Cyprus.

– Provision of solar energy plants for all hospital structures serving more than 500 patients/month and for advanced specialist care departments regardless of the number of patients treated, and, in the interim, temporary provision of fuel to cover the requirements of existing generators.

– Delivery of cement and other items needed for housing reconstruction as already ascertained by the UN and UNRWA.

– Reconstruction of the destroyed sewage system and its expansion to meet the population’s needs.

– Establishing and building rubbish recycling and disposal services and plants.

– Granting independent access to satellite and telephone communications.

– Granting the possibility to produce and use local products for trade abroad and to purchase consumer goods from the free market.

If any of the above requests are met, work will restart and the education sector will also see improvements, the circulation of money and goods will make a return in Gaza, and young people may once more have a future to look forward to.

The slow genocide being imposed on the people of Gaza can no longer be accepted. A free Gaza represents the only healthy leverage in the forging of a democratic process in Palestine and its self determination.

Thus is the only realistic step on the road to peace. Act now!

Call started on July 1, 2017 by
Appello per i Bambini di Gaza, Genova, Italia
Cultura e Libertà, una campagna per la Palestina, Italia
NWRG, onlus, Italia


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First signatories

Ann Wright, Veterans for Peace, USA
Christiane Hessel, Honorary President of the association EJE (Les enfants, le jeu et l’éducation), FR
Cynthia McKinney, Ph.D., USA
Derek Summerfield, King’s College, London UK
Egidia Beretta, Presidente Fondazione “Vik Utopia” Onlus, IT
Francis Anthony Boyle, Professor in Law, USA
Gianni Tognoni, Gen Secretary Tribunale Permanente dei Popoli
H.C von Sponeck, Former UN Asistant Secretary-General and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq
John Pilger, journalist and film maker, UK
Luisa Morgantini former Vice President of European Parliament
Mairead Corrigan Maguire Nobel Pace prize 1976
Martin Karcher, USA Former Division Chief, Population and Human Resources, The World Bank, Washington, DC.
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities &, Director Museum of Natural history, PAL
Michel Warshawski, IAC, IL
Nahl Chahal, Political Scientist, FR, LB
Niloufer Bhagwat Vice President Indian Association of Lawyers, INDIA
Noam Chomsky, USA linguist, philosopher, historian, social critic and political activist
Nurit Peled-Elhanan IL Sakharov Prize laureate 2001
Pierre Galand, coordinator Russel Tribunal on Palestine, BE
Richard Falk, professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton, and former UN Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine
Samir Zaqut, AL Mezan HRC, PAL
Swee Ang, Founder Medical Aid for Palestine, Surgeon, UK

Adalberto Belfiore, IT
Adele Lombardi, IT
Adriana Buffardi, IT
Adriana Pillai IT
Adriana Redaelli, IT
Adriano Labbucci IT
Ahmed Hegab, Consultant Orthopeadic surgeon, UK
Ahmed Hegab, UK
Alba Sasso IT
Alberto Castagnola, IT
Alberto Olivetti IT
Alberto Scrinzi,IT
Aldo Tortorella IT
Alec HardenC ST J. MA. FRCS. FRCOpth. UK
Alessandra Fava, Journalist, IT
Alessandra Mecozzi, pres. Cultura è Libertà, IT
Alessia Denise, IT
Alfiero Grandi IT
Alfonso Gianni, IT
Alice Rothchild, MD, Seattle, WA, USA
Alisa Del Re IT
Aly Mishal, Jordan
Amalia Navoni, IT
Ambrogio Bonia, IT
Ana Lourdes de Heriz,Genoa University, IT
Anandi Ramamurthy ,PL
Andrea Balduzzi, Zoologist, Genoa University, IT
Aneez Esmail-  Professor of General Practice, The University of Manchester, UK
Angela Cogliano, IT
Angelo Baracca, Prof, Physics, Florence Univ. IT
Angelo Cifatte, IT
Angelo Ciprari, IT
Angelo Gaccione, IT
Angelo Lana IT
Angelo Stefanini, Medical Dr, IT
Anissa Manca, IT
Anita Sonego, IT
Ann Finkelstein Dr.
Anna Invernizzi,IT
Annalisa Frisina, prof Sociologia, Padua, IT
Annalisa Portioli, IT
Ans Jansen, Netherlands
Anthony Murphy, UK.
Antonella Picchio, IT
Antonio de Cristoforo,IT
Antonio Lupo, IT
Ariel Gold, Campaign Director CODEPINK ,USA
Arturo Pinotti (Milano- Italia)
Augusta Bertello,IT
Averil Parkinson UK
Barbara Auleta IT
Barbara Pettine, IT
Bargas Hatem
Bayan Nuwayhed Al Hout, writer, LB
Beatrice Giavazzi IT
Ben Alofs, MD. general medical practitioner,UK
Biagio Della Malva, IT
Bianca Pomeranzi IT
Bichara Khader
Bridget Pugh, FR
Carla Coletti, IT
Carla Pecis, IT
Carla Van den Bergh, Women in Black Leuven, BE
Carlo Tagliacozzo, IT
Carlotta Nonnis Marzano, IT
Carmelo Bandiera IT
Caterina Botti, IT
Celeste Ingrao IT
Chiara Cardelli, researcher Vienna Univ, Austria
Chiara Macconi, IT
Chris Burns-Cox MD FRCP, UK
Claudia Azzola, poeta, IT
Claudio De Fiores IT
Claudio Grassi IT
Colin McKean, UK
Connie Hammond, Progressive Peace Coalition, Women in Black, USA
Cristiana Cavagna, IT
Daniela Bertelli IT
Daniela Lastri IT
Daniela Lucatelli, IT
Daniela Marini,IT
Daniela Rosa Basile, IT
Daria Frezza Bicocchi IT
Dario Dell’Acqua, IT
David Ingleby, Prof. University of Amsterdam, NL
David Pugh , FR
David Sanders, UK
David Spero, USA
Deborah Darnes, UK
Domenico Bonometti, IT
Domenico Fruncillo IT
Donatella Botta,IT
Dr Norbert Andersch MD MRCPsych Consultant Neurologist and Psychiatrist, London Uk
E Gordon M.S., FRCS, Uk
Elena Cianci, IT
Elena Mengheri, IT
Eleonora Forenza MEP
Elettra Deiana IT
Eliana Minicozzi, Prof Physics, IT
Elisa Cesan,IT
Elisa Ercoli Differenza donna IT
Elisabetta Donini,IT
Elisabetta Piccolotti IT
Elizabeth Heston, UK
Elizabeth Morley,UK
Ella Baffoni IT
Ella Baffoni, IT
Ellen Isaacs, MD and JVP, USA
Emanuela Bussolati, IT
Emanuele Locatelli, researcher Vienna Univ, Austria
Enza Talciani,IT
Enzo Scandurra IT
Erasmo Palazzotto,IT
Eric Willoughby, UK
Fabio Alberti IT
Fabio Deponte, Journalist,IT
Fabio Marcelli, Lawyer, Giuristi Democratici), IT
Fabrizia Tadiello, IT
Fabrizio Truini,IT
Fanio Giannetto, IT
Fedele Sposato, IT
Federica Resta IT
Federico Della Valle, IT
Filippo Bianchetti, IT
Filippo Maone IT
Fiorella Gazzetta, IT
Flora Cappelluti, IT
Franca Balsamo, IT
Francesca Koch, IT
Francesca Noè, IT
Francesca Riolo, IT
Francesca Vitalini – ong Sunshine4Palestine
Francesco Andreini, IT
Francesco Marchianò IT
Francesco Milazzo, IT
Franco Argada IT
Franco Boni, IT
Franco Camandona, Gynecologist, IT
Gabriella Bernieri,IT
Gabriella Grasso, IT
Gaetano Colantuono,IT
Geraldine Rose, UK
Gerhard Stemberger,DR. Vienna, Austria
Gerry Ohannessian
Gianfranco Nappi IT
Gianna Benucci, Associazione per la Pace, IT
Giannella Sanna,IT
Gianni Meazza, IT
Giorgia Pulazza, IT
Giorgio Airaudo IT
Giorgio Ellero, IT
Giovanni Nero, IT
Giovanni Russo Spena,IT
Giulia Baruzzo, Libera, IT
Giulia Tamanti,IT
Giuliano Ciampolini, IT
Giuliano Gasparotto,IY
Giulietta Ruggeri IT
Giuseppe Deiana.IT
Giuseppe Goisis, IT
Giuseppe Talanas
Giuseppe Zambon, Editor, IT
Giuseppina Campi, IT
Gordon M. Poole
Gordon Poole, IT
Gwen Backwell, UK
H.Gorter, Kota Bharu, Malaysia
Haifa Zangana, writer, Iraq-UK
Hans Peter Kammerer IT
Haris Golemis, GR
Heather Stroud, author
Hosny Selim, MD
Imma Barbarossa,IT
Ines Valanzuolo IT
Ireo Bono,IT
Isabella Peretti IT
James M. Squire, MD, Jewish physician, USA
Jamila Muscat IT
Janet McCarron,UK
Janet Walker, UK
Jayne Venables, UK
Jean Sullivan,UK
Jean-Michel Ducomte, Avocat, Universitaire, Militant associatif, FR
Jennifer Loewenstein,Senior Lecturer, English & Middle East Studies; Penn State University, USA.
Jenny Ardacre,UK
John Catalinotto, Managing editor, Workers World newspaper, USA
John Gilbert, IT
John Tymon, UK
Jon Jureidini, Prof. Child psychiatrist, University of Adelaide, Australia
Jonathan Fluxman, MD
Joop Jansen, Netherlands
José María García Ríos, ESP
Kamilia El-Farra, UK
Kathryn morrell, UK
Kathy Brooks,UK
Kathy Panama, UK
Lanfranco Turci IT
Laura Cantelmo, IT
Laura Cibraro, IT
Laura Fortini IT
Leonarda Leonardi, Ass. per la pace di Modena, IT
Lesley Exton, UK
Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition, UK
Lisa Suhair Majaj, writer, Nicosia, Cyprus
Loredana Poggi,IT
Lorenzo Coccoli IT
Loretta Mussi, IT
Lorraine Malcoe, USA Assoc Prof of Public Health,
Luca Guzzetti, Scienze dell’Educazione, Genova ,IT
Lucia Gafà, IT
Luciana Castellina IT
Luciana Cordoni, IT
Luigi Ferrajoli IT
Luisa Simonutti IT
M.Luisa Paroni. IT
Malin Bjoerk MEP
Mara Nardini, IT
Marcella Saddi, IT
Marco Furfaro IT
Maria Luisa Boccia, IT
Maria Palazzesi IT
Maria Rosa Cutrufelli IT
Mariangela Angelucci, IT
Marina Rui, Chemist, IT
Marina Turi IT
Marisol Brandolini, IT
Marrigo Rosato, presidente Associazione Pietro Ingrao IT
Massimo Angrisano, IT
Maurizio Acerbo, IT
Maurizio Aversa, IT
Maxine Fookson, RN, Portland, Oregon USA
Melina De Matteo IT
Mercedes Frias IT
Meri Calvelli, IT
Mia Morosoff
Michela Becchis, Segretery PRC-Roma, IT
Michela Cerimele IT
Michele Prospero IT
Michèle Sibony, french jewish union for Peace
Miguel Urbán Crespo,MEP Podemos- GUE/NGL
Mike Powers, Sweden
Milena Valli, IT
Milli Martinelli, women in black, IT
Miriam Garavaglia, IT
Monica Musri,IT
Moreno Biagioni, IT
Nandino Capovilla, Pax Christi, IT
Nerina Leonardini,IT
Neva Bernardi, IT
Nicola Fratoianni, IT
Nicola Genga IT
Nicoletta Pirotta, IT
Norberto Julini,IT
Norma Bertulacelli,IT
Nunzia Manna,IT
Olivia Zemor, FR
Orazio Gerosa,IT
Owen Dempsey MRCGP, former General practitioner UK
Pam Wortley Retired GP, Sunderland, UK
Paola Fazzo, IT
Paola Manduca, Genetist, IT
Paola Masi IT
Paola Melchiori IT
Paola Radaelli IT
Paolo Alesse IT
Paolo Cortigiani, School Director, IT
Paolo Ferrero,vicepres. Sinistra Europea, IT
Paolo Filippini,IT
Pasqualina Gilardi,IT
Pasqualina Napoletano IT
Patrick Boylan, U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice – Rome, IT
Patrick Darnes, UK
Patrizia Angelotti, IT
Patrizia Cecconi,IT
Patrizia Horn, IT
Patrizia Rossetti, IT
Pauline Cutting,MD consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine, UK
Peter Jones, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Piero Di Siena IT
Pino Arancio, IT
Rachel Rubin, MD, MPH, FACP, IL- JVP
Raffaele Simonetti, IT
Renata La Rovere, IT
RiaVerjauw ,Coalition for a ban on uranium weapons, BE
Riccardo Bella, IT
Riccardo Troisi, IT
Roberto Accornero, IT
Roberto Mamone,IT
Roberto Melone, IT
Rocco D’Ambrosio IT
Rosa Rinaldi, IT
Rosa W. Goldberg, USA
Rosalind Petchesky, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Political Science, Hunter College & the Graduate Center, City University of New York- JVP
Rosana dimensioni diverse, IT
Rosanna Lauro, IT
Rosanna Piuselli, Medical Doctor, IT
Rossana Platone, IT
S. Yonah EtShalom, MSN, MPH, FNP
Sabina Petrucci,IT
Sally Fitzharris UK
Salvatore Bonadonna IT
Sancia Gaetani, IT
Sandra Cangemi, IT
Sandra Carpi, IT
Sandra Turner MD, child psychiatrist, IL
Sandro Morelli IT
Sara Flounders, co-coordinator International Action Center, USA
Sarina Aletta, IT
Serafina Esposito
Serenella Angeloni, Women in Black, Bg,IT
Sheraz Butt, M.D. Senior Consultant,Denmark
Sigyn Meder, Sweden
Silvana Pisa, UK
Simone Furzi IT
Simone Furzi IT
Simone Furzi,IT
Simonetta Lambertini, IT
Souad Al-Azzawi, Associate professor of Environmental, Engineering. Iraq
Stefania Lembi, IT
Stefania Tarantino IT
Stefano Galieni,IT
Stefano Maruca, Fiom Internazional, IT
Stella Tenerelli, IT
Stephen Fischer, MD, MPH, USA
Sylvia Chandler, MD, UK
Tali Ruskin, USA
Tania Gonzales Penas, European Parliamentar
Teresa Manenti IT
Tina Dobsevage, USA
Tito Saffioti, IT
Tony Greenstein, Trade Unionist, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, UK
Tzeggai Tereste Correri,IT
Ughetta Dalla Vecchia IT
Ugo Giannangeli, lawyer, IT
Ugo Mattei Distinguished Professor of International and comparative Law, University of California, USA
Valerio Calzolaio IT
Valerio Gennaro, MD, PhD, IST, IT
Vezio De Lucia IT
Victoria Brittain, writer, UK
Vincenza Podo, IT
Vinzia Fiorino IT
Vittoria Tola IT
Vittorio Agnoletto, MD, professor University of Milan, Italy
Vittorio Bonanni, giornalista IT
Viviana Codemo, Researcher, IT
Walter Heston
Ward Treunen, executive committee BRussels Tribunal, BE
Wim De Ceukelaire, MD – Third World Health Aid, BE
Yonah EtShalom, MSN, MPH, FNP, USA
Yves Berthelot, FR



Abspp onlus
Afinidades anticapitalistas Spagna
Alkarama Espana
Alternative Information Center IL
API  التجمع الفلسطيني في ايطاليا
Appello per i bambini di Gaza, Italy
Asociación cultural Brasileña Maloka, Madrid, Spagna
Associazione dei Palestinesi in Italia
Associazione per la Pace IT
AssopacePalestina IT
BDS Galiza Spagna
Belgian Coalition for a ban on uranium weapons
CAPJPO-EuroPalestine FR
Casa internazionale delle donne Roma
Centro Studi Sereno Regis di Torino
Coord. Nord Sud del mondo Milano
Coordinamento Lombardo per la Palestina IT
Cultura è Libertà, una campagna per la Palestina
Donne in nero – Italia
ECCP- European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine
Fermiamo la guerra Firenze
Fondazione Cercare ancora
Gisha, IL
IFE (Iniziativa femminista europea)
IFE Italia
Infiniti Mondi Rivista
INTAL Belgian movement for international solidarity
International public Aid to Gaza
Invicta Palestina
Istituto di scambi culturali italo-palestinesi Vik
MDM Movimiento Democraticode Mujeres
Miles of smiles convoy
Mouvement Chrétien pour la paix -Bruxelles BE
NWRG, onlus Italy
Oltre il mare, IT
Partito Rifondazione Comunista/Sinistra europea
Plaza de los Pueblos Madrid Spagna
Re-orient onlus IT
Redazione Comune, IT
RESCOP (La Red Solidaria contra la Ocupación de Palestina) compuesta por 49 organizationes), Espana
Rete delle Alternative, IT
Rete Radiè Resch Gruppo di Milano IT
Rete Radiè Resh di Roma e Nazionale
Rete romana di solidarietà con popolo palestinese IT
Sinistra Italiana
Sunshine4Palestine IT-UK
TheBRussels Tribunal, BE
Tierra y Cultura Madrid, Spagna
Tierra y Libertad Madrid, Spagna
Transform! Europe
Transnational Institute, Amsterdam, NL
Udi nazionale
Un Ponte per, IT
US Citizens for peace and justice – IT Roma
Vento di Terra ONG IT
Women in culture IT

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