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conversazione con Stefania Ascari, la parlamentare che non rinuncia a parlare di Palestina

Maggio 31, 2023 Di Romana Rubeo Sabato 29 marzo, nella città svedese di Malmö, si è svolta la 20° Conferenza dei Palestinesi in Europa, con il titolo “75 anni e ritorneremo”. Come ogni anno, all’appuntamento hanno preso parte migliaia di … Continue reading

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Israel ranked lowest of all ODEC countries in gender equality index

“Israel” scores worse than Turkey, and over twice as bad as UK and France; director of government group to advance women’s rights urges thorough examination by relevant bodies. Read more:

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aisha in Gaza

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Women with breast cancer denied treatment by Israel

S.K | DOP – 27 May, 2023 The life of Najla Irjilat may be in Israel’s hands. In June 2022, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the recommendation of her doctors, she had an operation in Gaza to remove … Continue reading

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Confronting Energy Poverty among Palestinians in Israeli-Besieged Gaza

by Asmaa Abu Mezied ( Al-Shabaka ) – Palestinians in Gaza are suffering from a worsening energy crisis due to the Israeli regime’s ongoing siege. As a result, they have adopted different coping strategies, including solar energy technology to offset electricity … Continue reading

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UN breathes life into once-polluted Gaza wetland

Development Program removes 35,000 tons of garbage from Wadi Gaza, plans sports and leisure facilities, as clean water flows in from new treatment plant By Sue Surkes 21 May 2023, 9:18 am A cleaned-up section of Wadi Gaza. (UNDP/PAPP image … Continue reading

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TOPICS:blocco di Gaza dal 2007GazaHamaspermessi sanitari negatirapporto Diritto alla Salute dell’OMSthe lancetUn rapporto pubblicato da Medici Senza Frontiere (MSF) Il logo dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità Maggio 20, 2023 Sharmila Devi 20 maggio 2023, The Lancet, L’OMS afferma che l’occupazione, … Continue reading

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In Gaza, the trauma continues

Last Tuesday Israel launched a series of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, the first of which killed three members of Islamic Jihad and nine civilians. An Egypt-mediated ceasefire came after five days and the deaths of more than 33 Palestinians, … Continue reading

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Humanitarian situation in Gaza Flash Update #5 as of 17:00, 15 May 2023

KEY POINTS The ceasefire in Israel and Gaza took effect at 22:00 on 13 May 2023, bringing to a halt the latest escalation of hostilities that began on 9 May 2023. It has largely held. In the Gaza Strip, the United Nations Human … Continue reading

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