Since the 5th of March, Gaza health authorities imposed a strict protocol and built facilities, trained personnel to prevent infection by Covid19 and avoid the risk of its arrival in the Strip from abroad.

Gaza, the sieged one, imposed self-closure and anti-epidemy rules at entry, being well aware that it would be impossible to prevent, care, cure and save lives if the virus entered in the community.

You can find the summary of the measures taken since March 5 in the file Cor.Eng.17-8, the report issued by the ministry of Health on August 17.

Till then no community case was detected in Gaza and all people carriers were from abroad and were intercepted at the border entering 21-28 days of quarantine.

This was, at a high cost of reorganization, work and resources but it succeeded to be an effective barrier to the virus for 5 and half months.

Meanwhile the population of Gaza was severely hit by a collective punishment by Israeli, with cut in gasoline entry since august 12, and of electricity, thus of health and community services, of water supply and up to two days ago also to the block of entry of charity funds for the poorest families.

On the 27od august though the first 4 cases of infected people were detected in the community.

As you can read in the references and documents, more cases were found each day and not only in one place, as hoped initially, but spread and deaths started to occur in proportion. Now there is the attempt to identify and delimit the spread, but cases are rising (see the MOH report on august 28 below)

Given the chronic lack of medical facilities and tools in situation of Gaza, severily aggravated by the poverty that imposes to most of the people to work for food on a daily basis, the communal living in large families, lack even of water, the prevention by distancing and hygiene are almost impossible for many.

We said long since, at least till 2014 that there is a strategy to keep the whole population of Gaza under the heel by chronically denying/restricting health and basic resources. Meanwhile the international community is cornered to the humanitarian ground of paying the costs of the occupation, while not free to plan for it, as is by now a shared complain by most of the helping actors, and of UN agencies.

Palestinian human rights and legal associations and journalists are denouncing the situation and opened more channels of information.

In order to follow the health crisis but also the reiterated and persisting crime against the civilians of the occupation, we try to put in one place documents, updates, and news and tools that are available on the issue of Covid and in general health in Gaza.

These will be from many contributors and hopefully we will updat every 3 days from now onwards.

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Live follow up

Journalist from Gaza

You are invited to know about the updates on the situation in the Gaza Strip in light of the outbreak of coronavirus and the possible scenarios due to the lack of medical equipment in the strip.

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The news From 🇵🇸Palestinian MOH – 28- 8-2020  8:00PM COVID-19 daily updates in Gaza strip

🏻Total number of quarantined: 2334

🏻Home quarantine for close contact: 520

🏻Comulative confirmed cases: 221

🏻Active cases: 146

🔸New cases: 31

– Local : 109

– Imported 37

🏻 Recovered cases:

-Total : 72

🏻 Deaths:

– Total: 3


🇵🇸Palestinian MOH-Gaza – 26- 8-2020  1:00PM – Coronavirous daily updates in Gaza strip

🏻Returnees to quarantine 2275 in different centres.

🏻125 total confirmed cases.

🏻72 recovered  cases.

🏻Confirmed  cases 51

14   new cases discovered withithin community

37 cases among returnees from out side Gaza.

🏻Death  2.

في ثلاثاء، ٢٥ آب، ٢٠٢٠ في ٢:٤٥ م،

CIR urges int’l community to help Gaza survive impending disaster

Council on International Relations – Palestine urged the international community to urgently help the Gaza Strip survive an impending disaster, after cases of Coronavirus registered for the first time among the community.

The Council said in a statement issued, Wednesday, that the crime of the strict Israeli siege imposed on Gaza for 14 years destroyed the health and service sectors, leading to a serious disaster.

The CIR called on international institutions to speed up the rescue and help the Strip with the supplies necessary to face the crisis in light of the crumbling health system due to the Israeli siege.

The Council called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift this siege, especially in these critical circumstances that the Strip is going through, and to shoulder its responsibility towards the area it occupies.

“We warn of the consequences of the spread of the virus in the Gaza Strip, and hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for any catastrophe that afflicts the Gaza Strip”, the Council warned.

The Ministry of Health in the besieged Gaza Strip on Monday registered cases from the coronavirus pandemic for the first time among the community. The authorities in the enclave imposed a two-day lockdown as part of measures to stem the virus spread.

Associations and news updates,of%20the%20Palestinian%20healthcare%20system.

Official UN


UNHRC July 17, 2020



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