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UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process , july 11/2017


Al Mezzan center for Human Rights

United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict


Gaza Ministry of healthبعد-فقدان-20-صنفاً-أساسياً-من-أدويتهم-مس/


Letter by ECCP(European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine) to Ms Mogherini, July11, 2017

Why Palestine Is Still the Issue By John Pilger

Background related actions
Letter from 600 associations and individuals asking opening Gaza- 27/6/2014 – only Italian

The Council has extended the mandate of the EU border assistance mission for the Rafah crossing point (EU BAM Rafah), as well as the mandate of the EU coordinating office for Palestinian police support (EUPOL COPPS) until 30 June 2018.

building a seaport for Gaza? By the way, contracts for construction of the port were signed back in 1994 between Israel and the PA. The plans were reaffirmed in the 1999 Sharm el-Sheikh memorandum, and construction began in the summer of 2000. But Israel bombed the site during the second intifada and it has since been abandoned.

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report from Gisha territory/shedding-legal-light-gaza-electricity-crisis

John Pilger film

Invicta Palestina video

Gaza: p. Raed Abusahlia (Caritas Jerusalem), “aspettiamo la prossima guerra, non tarderà ad arrivare”


issues and tribunals
testo di Boyle
Russel Tribunal on Palestine-


End the maritime blockade against Gaza. Campaign at the UN by the group ENd the blockade now, USA. reference Richard Littleton

petition to President Macron

Oxfam launched a campaing

Oxfam: Electricity crisis in Gaza Strip is an illegal ‘punishment on the entire nation’

#lights on Gaza at @lightsongaza and video

IfNotNow Pledge to #SpeakTruthToPowerGaza

PHRI visited in Gaza –

music for peace is traveling with a caravan of help items this week

health news A cross sectional study of the relationship between the exposure of pregnant women to military attacks in 2014 in Gaza and the load of heavy metal contaminants in the hair of mothers and newborns


rights and recourses
press conference video on law issue related to the blockade of patients in need to travel for getting

cared (bad audio) MoH and


relevant press news
Palestinian Civil Society To File A Complaint Before The ICC

Ravina Shamdasani: Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ICC-Israel-
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