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Covid-19 à Gaza : le Hamas décide de sanctionner les fonctionnaires non vaccinés

A partir d’aujourd’hui, 1er octobre, les fonctionnaires gazaouis qui ne sont pas vaccinés n’auront pas le droit à des congés maladies s’ils sont infectés par le coronavirus. Une mesure mise en place par le Hamas pour pallier à un taux … Continue reading

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Covid-19 in Israel and Palestine: no to health apartheid

Petition addressed to: Mr Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy In the current pandemic period, the State of Israel is sometimes presented as exemplary in terms of vaccination. Yet it leaves the Palestinian population … Continue reading

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Oxygen for Gaza – Please donate

                  The situation in Gaza is worsening every day and the hospitals are running low on oxygen. Every contribution is essential and welcome. If you are willing to donate, please make a … Continue reading

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Covid-19: the numbers in Gaza so far

Source: Palestinian Ministry of Health Find here the last report from the Palestinian Ministry of Health Date Cumulative confirmed cases Active cases (includes new cases) Recovered cases New cases Deaths (total) 26/08/20 125 72 2 28/08/20 221 146 72 31 … Continue reading

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Gaza registers 87 new infections

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The Lancet censors Gaza health letter after pro-Israel pressure

With a fresh spike in the number of coronavirus infections, Gaza is yet again facing the very real prospect that its healthcare system will be overwhelmed. Gaza is not just fighting a global pandemic. Under an Israeli blockade and successive … Continue reading

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As from ministry of health, al mezzan, palestinian center for humar rights, all journalists networks in Palestine…(you can find the ref in their websites) the corona virus testing is stopped in Gaza because, even if WHO has provided to order … Continue reading

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Refugee Camps At Risk: A reportage by Mondoweiss

For the first time in months, Palestinian refugee camps are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases raising concerns over the potentially devastating effects the virus can have on disadvantaged communities like the Dheisheh refugee camp. Find here the reportage

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At least 50 factories have closed as a result of Covid-19 in Gaza

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29-8-2020 *🇵🇸Palestinian MOH* 29- 8-2020  8:00PM *COVID-19 daily updates in Gaza strip.* 🏻 *Total number of quarantined*: *2386* 🏻 *Comulative  confirmed cases:*  *257* 🏻 *Active cases:*  *182* 🔸 *New cases:* 36* –  *Local :* *145* – *Imported* *37* 🏻  *Recovered … Continue reading

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