*🇵🇸Palestinian MOH*
29- 8-2020  8:00PM
*COVID-19 daily updates in Gaza strip.*

🏻 *Total number of quarantined*: *2386*

🏻 *Comulative  confirmed cases:*  *257*

🏻 *Active cases:*  *182*
🔸 *New cases:* 36*

–  *Local :* *145*
– *Imported* *37*

🏻  *Recovered cases:*
-Total : *72*

🏻  *Deaths:*
– *Total:*  *3

New cases within the community “daily”


To United Nations Special Procedures Division Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva CH-1221 Geneva 10 Switzerland
Date: 29 August 2020
Urgent Appeal to the United Nations Special Procedures on the Deterioration of the Situation in the Gaza Strip Amidst the Outbreak of COVID-19 and Tightening of the Blockade.

1. Call on Israel, the occupying power, to ensure the supply of the necessary medications and medical equipment necessary for the treatment of COVID-19 patients to hospitals in the Gaza Strip in accordance with its obligations under international law. 2. Demand Israel to remove recent restrictions imposed on the Gaza Strip, and allow the entry of fuel required to operate the Gaza Power Plant to improve the functioning of Gaza’s health care system. 3. Further demand Israel to rescind all existing restrictions on the transfer of medical equipment and spare parts for this equipment from and Strip, and not to classify them as dual-use items. 4. Pressure Israel to allow the passage of medical teams to and from the Gaza Strip, and ensure passage without delay for Gaza residents in need of medical care for COVID-19 outside the Gaza Strip, whether in Israeli hospitals, West Bank hospitals, or abroad. 5. Call upon the international community to provide aid to hospitals in the Gaza Strip immediately to combat the spread of COVID-19.
See in website for full text



Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council weekly Covid 19 timeline


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