Covid: update on situation in Gaza

Source: Ministry of Health, last update May 9th. The 7th of April, as cases raised rapidly, a strict lock down was again imposed.

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Israel may toss millions of vaccines. Why won’t it give them to the PA instead?

An interesting analysis by Lazar Berman on The Times of Israel:

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The first ultrasound machine donated this year by NWRG arrived late march in Gaza at al Shifa hospital NICU



Step by step we reached the goal.

Thank you for supporting and advocating for the cause of better care for Gaza’s children. We were able to purchase the ultrasound system for Al Shifa hospital through this fundraiser and specific donations !!! And it’s on his way to Gaza in late December 2020.

Thanks to the new ultrasound system, many children and women will have a different future, a better future, a future.

We are happy to be able to celebrate and share this milestone with you, a glimmer of light in this dark 2020.

Thanks and best wishes!


Appreciation Letter – Ultrasound



Meanwhile, we continue to support maternity and neonatal intensive care, knowing that as long as this siege continues, it will never be enough.

Our goal by renewing this window for donations is to buy an ultrasound system for the Nasser Children’s Hospital which finds yours in conditions that are no longer compliant.


Meanwhile, the critical issues and emergencies in Gaza do not end.

We have therefore also started a fundraiser for the Covid19 emergency to provide oxygen and drugs that are often not available.

To help Palestinians deal with the virus that is deciding for our lives we cannot stop. Help us not to leave them alone.

Donations for this purpose can be made to NWRG IBAN: IT59Y0501801400000011670924 causal: Oxygen for Gaza

Each contribution is an important and concrete help for the children and women of Gaza or for the sick of CoviD 19

 Thanks for your support and sincere wishes for a better year.

Each donor will be informed about the different steps we will take to reach the goal.

Confident of a positive response, we thank you wholeheartedly.

“Stay Human”. (Vittorio Arrigoni)

Our group, New Weapons Research Group (NWRG), was founded in 2006 to scientifically study the impact of war on the Gazawi community. In particular, we are concerned with studying the impact of war residues on people’s health, focusing specifically on new generations of chemical weapons. Since 2011 we have been carrying out a work to monitor the health of newborn children and the contamination of mothers by heavy metals. The core of our group is made up of local and international doctors and researchers who work in close collaboration with professionals from the scientific community.

We began our work by taking side “on the side of victims”. This is why we work to identify and remedy the direct and indirect damage inflicted on people by weapons.

Our method is that of using scientific dissemination as a weapon of advocacy and political pressure. By publishing the results of our research in recognized international scientific journals, we seek to raise awareness of the world community and influence the political choices linked to this tormented territory.

Since 2012, together with university students and doctors from Genoa, we have procured various equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of newborns to the neonatal and maternity intensive care units of the Al Shifa and Nasser hospitals in Gaza City, remedying a significant lack of equipment.

The equipment is never enough, while the problems of this community continue to increase, as its births.

The call translated in italian



Here an interview to Dr. Shirine Abed, from the Nasser Hospital in Gaza (in French)

The interview translated in in English and Italian

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Covid: figures update (March 5 – April 22)

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75 organizations write to Mr. Borrell about the Palestinian elections

To the attention of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/V-ce President

Dear Mr. Borrell,

As civil society organisations from different European countries, we would like to alert you to the responsibility of the European Union to protect the Palestinian elections scheduled for 22nd May, 31st July and 31st August 2021, under Israeli occupation and blockade.
We know that the European Union intends, as in 2006, to send observers to the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem to verify the proper conduct of the elections. We understand that to date the Israeli authorities have not allowed the delegation responsible for organising this observation mission to visit Palestine.

Our second concern is the participation of the Palestinians residing in East Jerusalem, which is illegally annexed by Israel, in these three votes. Their participation is unanimously demanded by all Palestinian parties, but on this point Israel has so far given only extremely negative signals.

Our third concern is the increasingly frequent imprisonment by Israel of candidates for these elections, of political leaders of parties involved in them, and of members of civil society who want to express their views on their context and the issues at stake.

On these three points, Mr. Borrell, we ask you to convey forcefully the will of the European Union to protect the Palestinian people, and the demand to Israel that these obstacles be lifted. We ask you to put on the agenda of a forthcoming Foreign Affairs Council the imposition of sanctions against the State of Israel if it does not respect these demands.

We also trust that the European Union and its Member States will make a solemn declaration at the next Foreign Affairs Council that they will respect the results of the forthcoming Palestinian elections, recognise all the institutions and individuals that will be accredited as a result of these elections (parliament, government, president, council and executive of the PLO), and collaborate with and protect them.


See the 75 signatures

Italian translation of the letter

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Covid: update on situation in Gaza

Source: Gaza MoH

Since march 7 lock down cycles have been imposed again (full in week ends, evening during week) and school and universities closed.


April 7, 2021 webinar organized by The Foundation for Middle East Peace

Human rights organizations petitioned the High Court of Justice demanding that Israel provide vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

On World Health Day, Al Mezan demands an end to health inequities for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

WHO report, April 8, 2021

Podcast Vaccine apartheid

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Covid: update on situation in Gaza

While the rate of infection is flattening in Israel, the West Bank is in crisis mode and Gaza rates continue to spike. Palestinians in the oPt have received 192,000 doses of vaccine for over 5 million people. Israeli society is opening up, using a Green Pass system to identify the vaccinated, and the oPt is locking down. Over the last week, Gaza experienced an 86% jump in new COVID-19 cases and a 44% increase in ICU patients. The hospitals in the oPt are facing dramatic shortages in basic and emergency needs.

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On World Health Day, Al Mezan demands an end to health inequities for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

Every year, World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April. On this day in 1948, the First World Health Assembly was held, during which the World Health Organization (WHO) was formally founded. Since its inception, this annual celebration has aimed at raising awareness of a specific health issue or theme. For 2021, the theme is “Building a fairer, healthier world.”

Over the past year, the entire world has been engulfed by a global pandemic that has affected each and every community. But in the virus’s spread and in the world’s response, stark inequities have come to light. Indeed, one of the many outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to make ever more evident that ours is an unequal world, not least in terms of health.

Al Mezan reiterates its calls on the international community to take prompt action to ensure that Israel upholds its legal obligations by promoting and protecting the right to equality and the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health for the Palestinian population under its control. Al Mezan also calls on all humanitarian and aid organizations to continue their efforts to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian health system and create conditions that are conducive to good health.

Read the press release on

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Covid: update on situation in Gaza

The decline of Covid cases in late February occurred when a lock down was reinstated and the following increase was detected about 10 days after the block was released. new nighttime curfews are taking effect beginning this Saturday 27.

Vaccines that are arrived in Palestine
• 60,000 doses of Sputnik V from the UAE to Gaza
• 10,000 doses of Sputnik V from Russia to the West Bank
• 2,000 doses of Moderna from Israel to the West Bank
• 14,400 doses of AstraZeneca from COVAX to the West Bank
• 9,600 doses of AstraZeneca from COVAX to Gaza
• 25,740 doses of Pfizer from COVAX to the West Bank
• 11,700 doses of Pfizer from COVAX to Gaza
• 120,000 Palestinians with permits to work in Israel were vaccinated by Israel with the Moderna vaccine since the beginning of the month

Source Mondoweiss

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Israel gives countries that recognise Jerusalem as its capital covid vaccine

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