Spoaksman of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qidra, on the 90th day of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip

🚨The Israeli occupation forces committed 13 massacres against families, killing 125 and wounding 318 during the past 24 hours. 🚨The total number of Israeli aggression raised to 22,438 martyrs and 57,614 injuries since the seventh of last October 🚨70% of the victims of the aggression are children and women. 🚨The violations against the health system led to the death of 326 health staff and the destruction of 121 ambulances, deliberately targeting 150 health institutions, leaving 30 hospitals and 53 health centers out of service in all areas of the Gaza Strip. 🚨The occupation is still arresting 99 health staff, including hospital directors of northern Gaza In compelling and inhuman conditions, including physical and psychological torture and starvation. 🚨The behavior of the occupation poses a threat and danger to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital and Al-Awda Hospital in the Central Region. 🚨We call on international institutions to take urgent action to protect the hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip, to secure the access of the wounded and the sick, and to ensure that the Al-Shifa hospital scenario will not be repeated within 3 months of continuous aggression. 🚨The occupation deliberately destroyed the infrastructure of Gaza city and North Gaza hospitals. We are exerting endless efforts with the World Health Organization and health partner organizations to conduct urgent interventions to restart the services of Al-Shifa hospital and the North Gaza health system, by the provision of medicines, fuel protection of the health staff to secure access to 800,000 people. 🚨We call on international institutions to send medical teams and field hospitals and to ensure their access to all areas of the Gaza Strip to rescue thousands of wounded. Inhuman situation occuring in the city of Rafah, after more than half of the residents of the Gaza Strip were displaced there, in harsh conditions, due to the collapse of health and environmental services, and the lack of the minimum living necessities. Urgent steps are to be taken to prevent the humanitarian, health and environmental catastrophe in shelters, and to provide health care and appropriate food for pregnant women and chronic patients. 🚨The Ministry of Health was able to establish 35 medical points, with the limited capabilities available for the health follow-up of the displaced in the shelters in Rafah, and it seeks with its partners to establish more medical points in the central region, khan Younis and Rafah. The low level of medical aid entering the Gaza Strip confirms that the Israeli occupation uses it as a weapon to kill the wounded. 🚨The mechanism used to leave the wounded contributes to the killing of hundreds of them, as they wait for many weeks. The number of wounded who left for treatment abroad is 645. We urgently demand that all international health parties provide effective mechanisms that guarantee the departure of 6000 wounded for treatment outside Gaza Strip as an urgent priority in order to save their lives. 🚨We call on the international institutions, especially the International Red Cross, to visit the detainees, especially medical and humanitarian cadres, and to constantly pressure their release.

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