Stop Gaza Blockade Campaign

2022 marks the 15thth year of a full blockade of the Gaza strip by Israel.
2.3 million Palestinian people live in the world’s largest open-air prison deprived of basic human rights. The blockade, applied systematically with intention, forms an integral part of the Apartheid policy that fragments the historic Palestine and dominates its people.

The blockade denies passage of people and goods into and out of Gaza, making it totally isolated and invisible from the rest of the world. The world becomes aware about Gaza only when it is under heavy military attacks – 4 times in the last 15 years.

The blockade is a daily ongoing silent violence and impacts every aspect of life. Although people of Gaza are known for their extraordinary resilience, 15 years of inhuman blockade brought them to a breaking point. Urgent action is needed.

The aim of this campaign is to

  •   Highlight the urgent need for a political solution
  •   Demand the immediate and unconditional lifting of the blockade
  •   Support the Palestinian unityWe extend our hand to Palestinians in their efforts for self-determination, freedom and dignity.


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There is no Palestine without Gaza and there is no livable Gaza with the continuation of the blockade
(Leaflet text prepared for the 30 March action in Genoa, Italy)

Gaza has been a focal point of the attacks by Israel through a continual blockade extremely intense for 15 years.

The blockade caused severe de-development, suffering and lack of essentials for life for the people of Gaza: safe water, medicines and medical care, right of movement and trade.
It also prohibited the use of natural resources of land and fishing area and self-supporting manufacturer and industrial productions.

The blockade aggravates the denial of the rights to self determination of the people, already inhibited by the 54 years of occupation of Palestine.

The blockade made impossible the contiguity between Palestinians and promoted outwards the false idea that Gaza is a separate issue, while rather it is the outcome of a severe form of the same apartheid imposed on the whole of the colonized lands.

To bring to the forefront the dire situation of Gaza, the relationship between Gaza and Palestine and the systematic oppression of Palestinians, is the reason why we call for immediate and unconditional stop of the Gaza blockade, as an urgent and essential step for the freedom of Palestine.

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