Veterans For Peace: U.S. Army Major Quits Over Israel [video] For Peace: U.S. Army Major Quits Over Israel <p data-wpview-marker=

Army Major Harrison Mann has resigned over action in Gaza (photo)

What bothered this intelligence officer specializing in the Middle East the most: his view that the Israelis were targeting Palestinian civilians indiscriminately and that US weapons made it possible.

Veterans For Peace, June 7, 2024

Army Major Harrison Mann will be speaking at the Veterans for Peace national convention in August! Details on attending the online event coming soon.

Veterans for Peace is an organization founded in 1985. Initially made up of US military veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War – later including veterans of the Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War — as well as peacetime veterans and non-veterans, it has since spread overseas and has an active offshoot in the United Kingdom. The group works to promote alternatives to war.

List of Government Resignees —

  • Josh Paul, director of the State Department’s bureau of political military affairs.
  • Harrison Mann, a U.S. Army major and Defense Intelligence Agency official.
  • Tariq Habash, special assistant in the Education Department’s office of planning.
  • Annelle Sheline, from the State Department’s human rights bureau.
  • Hala Rharrit, an Arabic language spokesperson for the State Department.
  • Lily Greenberg Call, special assistant to the chief of staff in the Interior Department.
  • Alexander Smith, a contractor for USAID.
  • Stacy Gilbert, State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

As a Jew I cannot endorse the Gaza catastrophe.” — Lily Greenberg Call.


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