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Please do… I managed to translate in English for you

– people used to ask me is there any place or apartment for rent in Rafah, then the question becomes: is there a tent? Today someone asked me is there an open or empty space?!
– With the absence of medication for Epilepsy, several deaths were reported in shelters, not only that, when the seizure started, the family couldn’t call ambulance, as connections are down, for hours, the patient suffered then die!!  Cancer patients are dying in daily basis
– For 4 days now, several families have been sleeping in the open close to the beach with no blankets or mattresses in such cold and rainy weather!!
– For the past 10 days, we fail to provide or deliver any food to all shelters hosting internally displaced persons!! 10 days with no food!!! This is in Khanyounis and Middle it’s more than 20 days!!! Not only food, even children milk is not provided!! In Gaza even worse, we managed to deliver a convoy of 8 trucks of flour, two were looted by starving groups fighting over them, few minutes later, snipers started shooting them down!! 21 killed over the flour!!
This is a living hell…are we still on planet earth? Is there any human or humanity left?


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