[HumanRights] Rapist to catch breath “by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Israel continues to deliberately target residential buildings, hospitals,
schools, bakeries, flour mills, water storage facilities and other public
facilities. Butthey will nget to pause occasionally over the next few days
– like a rapist agreeingreluctantlyto take a break occasionally. >6000
children were killed in the pointed genocidal campaign to drive Gazans to
Sinai in order to steal the natural gas off the coast of Gaza. The western
governments are still part ners in the genocide even if they occasionally
start to speak of “unacceptable level of civilian deaths” (sicking language
for an ongoing genocide). Israel killed over 102 UN workers and 65
journalists to prevent the truth from coming out (largest number of
Jouranalistsmurdered in any conflict since WWII). The two wars go on: A war
of ethnic cleansing and genocide which is used to vent and give Israeli
soldiers the psychlogical satisfaction of murdering civilians because they
are losing the other war against the resistance.

There is an exchange of prisoners (as many as 150 Palestinian women and
children will be released from Israeli gulags where they are mistreated) in
exchange for 50 Israeli settlers. This could have been done weeks ago. It
took lots of lobbying from families of the Israeli prisoners to pressure
the fascist government that really did not care about Palestinian or
Israeli lives (they even bombed and burned Israeli civilians on 7 October
see previous message with links and proof).  Also the genocidal regime was
resistanct to having pauses in its genocide (let alone a ceasefore).
Nowthey will have pauses to reload and bomb more civilians. The US/Israel
war on people will continue (and it is a joint war and not just because of
the stream of US weapons- already Five US Delta forces soldiers were killed
in Gaza as well as perhaps 300 Israeli soldiers over 10 days of the grown
invasion). Over 10,000 Palestinian prisoners are still being tortured and
starved in Israeli jails andtheb ethnic cleansing and genocide continues.
But you cannot crush a people fighting for their freedom. Vietnam reduxUN OCHA on day 45 of the aggression against the people of Gaza


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