the banality of evil-n2 and some trivial/loose investigative thoughts

dear all
in brief… it rains in Gaza
people without warm clothes, enough blankets,  without water proof shelter and surely weakened by stress and a tight diet, exposed to infections because of crowding…make the natural strom a perfect potential health storm.
And most relevant … no dry flammable rubbish or wood to collect in order  to use it to make fire to cook bread or soup and no cooking spaces in the open.
is it true that today a friend told me they are already going mostly at dates and water!
today, after few “fragile” newborn babies died already and a barrage of  comments on this in the international press, after about 6 days since they were left without proper care, and surely after enough time for a preterm baby to develop conditions that will make him/her lifelong fragile or damaged,  the “Israeli loving children” have announced that they will (future) deliver 30 cradles for the newborns, only to Shifa. 
Meanwhile, they bombed again the structure of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Shifa, where there were enough cradles, but no electricity or oxygen to make them work. Surely also the eventual ones delivered by the enemy will not work without energy and oxygen, I mean work for the aim of saving lives and not of propaganda.
And for now there  is no mention of fuel for generators or new oxigen appareil (needed as the preexisting was hit by one or another ammunition) either they are magic or are of no use. 
The banality of evil is also in the fact that apparently in 160 trucks that entered today there is no mention of blankets, solar panels, cooking stoves working with gas. 
An other interesting banality is that Isreaeli keep talking of rape. I am not taking position on this but only notice that the forensic team has announced closed its job declaring they did not investigate the issue. no explanation why after so much rumor.
But the police has oipen a”difficult investigation” in their words or better those of the times of israel, based on the report of one witness who said she saw 2 rapes, one of them followed by execution. For the time being  the lady is not available to witness because is in hospital for psychological distress. 
My banal question is..if there is not the “body of the crime” i.e. the investigation on the body of the reportedly dead victim, nor the other victim of the rape surfaced yet to claim the offense…. how can an investigation arrive at any conclusion, and why is it publicized?
Mind you I do not exclude any exces a priori, nor would pardon it.
I also have reached the conclusion, by looking at the dresses and the behaviour,  that once the fence was down many more people than the team of the military operation entered, for a while at least, in Israel, so I would question the responsibility, which is individual, if any.
Given that  I look at clothes, watching the video of the shooting by helicopters and planes of the people in the flat area around the party, many of those shot had white/clear clothing not exactly that of a soldier (and seemingly no big weapons at the time they were running away and were shot). Yet the IDF killed many of them.  
Now, if the images we see in the videos are the same that they see from the cockpit… how could the military be so confused (as they admitted)  and for such a long time, and for so many victims also considering they had the time to observe  the “targets” who were running in an open space and no hiding place in view for at least a couple of minutes and some tens of hit. 
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