Israeli Occupation Forces Continue Smear Campaign against PCHR and its Work

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) has extremely disgruntled the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)’s post on its official account and the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Spokesperson’s statements using incomplete and selective citations from a press release issued by PCHR last Thursday, 11 May 2023, as part of latter’s follow-up of the latest developments during IOF’s ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip for the fifth consecutive day.

In light of this distortion of its work and purposeful manipulation of context, PCHR would like to clarify the following:

First: This is not the first time that IOF selectively misuse PCHR’s publications, as it is part of an incitement campaign against PCHR that has been ongoing over years by Israel and its right-wing organizations to defame the Centre and undermine its professional work within a systematic campaign to delegitimize and directly target human rights organizations.

Second: It is paradoxical how IOF misuse and employ PCHR’s publications to grieve Gaza children while they continue their intense campaign against PCHR, accusing it of “Terrorism” and calling its staff as “Terrorists in Suits” with alleged ties to “Terrorist Organizations” and waving a “Legal War”. All of this is within Israel’s war efforts against the Palestinian people while IOF continue bombing and directly and deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians, including children and women, round the clock in disregard for the principles of distinction, proportionality, and military necessity that amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity according to the rules of the international law. 

Third: citing PCHR with regard to several cases it has documented: PCHR has explicitly mentioned in its press release that investigations in these cases are still ongoing and not final. In this regard, PCHR recalls the crime that occurred in Jabalia cemetery during 2021 Israeli aggression when a group of children were bombed and killed and IOF disclaimed responsibility for this crime. At the time, PCHR conducted thorough investigations in cooperation with the competent Palestinian authorities and the final investigations revealed that IOF bear full responsibility for that crime. 

Fourth: PCHR emphasizes its professional and independent mission and high credibility at the local and international levels, as it builds legal files on all crimes committed by IOF to be used before the International Criminal Court and other legal work on behalf of the Palestinian civilian victims, and to achieve accountability and prosecution of the Israeli leaders.

Fifth: PCHR affirms the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation by all available means, including armed struggle, all the way to achieve their legitimate rights, end the occupation, and establish their independent state.

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