In Memoriam – UNRWA Students Killed in Gaza, May 2021

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Updates on situation in Gaza

UNHRC resolution establishes commission of enquiry

Gaza patients blocked from urgent medical care in Israel authority’s heightened closure measures following bombardment

Focus on: the effects of Israel’s military offensive on Gaza’s WASH facilities

From JVP
Collecting signatures to deliver to the American Counseling Association

Collection signatures from American Public Health Association, Palestine Health Justice Working Group Statement on Spring 2021 Attacks on Health in Palestine
link to the call. Letter written by a group of young British doctors published in the British Medical Journal. There are 216 signatories:

Bombing Gaza, killing whole families, and cutting off Al Shifa hospital


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Gaza: Israeli airstrikes kill doctors and damage healthcare facilities

Letter to the British Medical Journal: “Standing in solidarity with our medical colleagues in Gaza”

Dear Editor

In the aftermath of the devastating 11-day Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the resultant exacerbation of the ongoing humanitarian crisis, we express solidarity with our colleagues in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and condemn the ongoing violation of human rights and contravention of UN resolutions by Israel. We call against a return to the ‘normality’ of occupation and blockade.

We mourn the loss of civilian life and our medical colleagues. Dr Ayman Abu Al-Auf, the head of internal medicine at Al-Shifa, the main hospital in Gaza, and the head of its coronavirus response, and Dr Mooein Ahmad Al-Aloul, Head of Neurology and one of Gaza’s few neurologists were killed. Access roads to Al-Shifa Hospital were bombed and the Hala al-Shawa Covid-19 testing and vaccination centre, the only one available in the whole of Gaza, was destroyed.

Read the full letter

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Palestinian Clinicians Challenge the Mental Health Community

From UK Palestine Mental Health Network:
“We mourn our esteemed colleagues, psychiatrist Dr Moen Alalul, psychologist Raja Abu Al-Auf and neurologist Dr Ayman Abo Elouf among those we have lost in the current aggression. See the section below ‘Attacks on Clinicians and Health Facilities’.”

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DO NO HARM: Refrain from Locating your Conferences in Israel

A call to all mental health organizations from the USA, UK, Ireland, France and South Africa in solidarity with the Palestinian people

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Medical Aid for Palestinians Report

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The Lancet: An acute-on-chronic health crisis in Gaza

The Palestinian Gaza Strip is a 365 km2 piece of land on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, inhabited by more than 2 million Palestinians. This open-air enclave has been under siege for the past 14 years, which has left the health system jeopardised by limited resources, failing equipment, and many essential drugs in dangerously low supply. This grim situation was worsened by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, threatening health services with collapse. Beginning on May 9, 2021, the Israeli Government and Hamas launched a military offensive against one another, the severity of which for the Gaza Strip is believed to be the worst since 2014

Read the complete article on The Lancet:

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Riyad al-Maliki: Is the Palestinian Authority still relevant?

Al Jazeera:

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Video: World stands with Palestine

Demonstrations for Palestinans all over the world

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Kashmir and Palestine: archives of coloniality and solidarity

What features of contemporary coloniality emerge if we examine geopolitical alliances across settler and ‘post’ colonial contexts? What forms of solidarity become necessary in the context of these colonialities? Referencing the historical and contemporary features of the occupations of Kashmir & Palestine, the introduction to this special issue makes the case for naming the states of India and Israel as part of a contemporary geocolonial formation. Naming and framing require understanding present forms of coloniality and reflexive solidarity. The essays in this special issue form an archive of coloniality and solidarity through which the authors examine the minutiae of living and of dying, of assembling archives from below, and of building and decolonising solidarities across Kashmir & Palestine.

Read the complete article here:

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