update of the situation in Gaza da Hamas official website

*The public facilities*
▪ 385 schools and universities sustained damage from the Israeli bombing across Gaza, including 93 completely destroyed. 88% of the schools and universities infrastructure damaged across the Gaza Strip.
▪ +134 government buildings and public facilities across the Gaza Strip destroyed by the Israeli occupation.
▪ 120 mosques completely destroyed by the Israeli bombing, while nearly 212 mosques sustained partial to severe damage.
▪ 3 churches suffered severe damage as they came under direct Israeli bombing.
▪ +85 UNRWA-run facilities damaged by the Israeli bombing and airstrikes.
▪ All Gaza bakeries are shut down under lack of flour and fuel including +12 of the main bakeries across Gaza that were bombed by the Israeli warplanes.
▪ +1.612 industrial facilities completely across Gaza destroyed by the Israeli occupation army.
▪ +45.000 dunums (+11,120 acres) of agricultural lands across Gaza destroyed by the Israeli occupation.
▪ Over 70% of the electricity network across Gaza is damaged.
▪ 231 schools are currently used as shelters amid lack of all basic services.
▪ The preliminary estimates for the Palestinian losses of buildings and infrastructure exceeds $6 billion.
▪ The Israeli army destroyed more than 200 archeological and ancient sites out of 325 that are registered across the Gaza Strip in the course of its devastating onslaught since Oct. 7, including ancient churches, mosques, schools and museums and other different historical and archeological sites and monuments.
o The Israeli occupation army dropped over 65.000 tons of explosives on Gaza between October 7 & December 27, equaling more than two times the force of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in World War II.
o The Israeli occupation army also acknowledged that it had struck the Gaza Strip with more than 100,000 artillery shells between 27 October and 5 December.
o Around 800,000 Palestinians are still in Gaza city and the North Governorate under a complete suffocating siege, they are on the verge of famine, as no bakeries are working, no adequate water and no fuel badly needed to run generators in hospitals, sanitation facilities and in other vital facilities.
o The entire population of the Gaza Strip are living in deep humanitarian crisis amid lack of all essentials of life including food, water, fuel\energy, medicines. Israeli bombing is everywhere; people – especially children – are living in constant fear and insecurity.
Jan 09, 2024
 ⭕️ Government Media Office..
The most important statistics of the genocidal war waged by the “Israeli” occupation on the Gaza Strip..
⭕️– (100) days since the genocidal war.
⭕️ (1,993) massacres committed by the occupation army.
⭕️ (30,843) martyrs and missing persons.
⭕️(23,843) martyrs who arrived in hospitals.
⭕️(10,400) child martyrs.
⭕️(7,100) women martyrs.
⭕️ (337) martyrs of medical teams.
⭕️ (45) martyrs from the Civil Defense.
⭕️ (117) martyred journalists.
⭕️ (7,000) missing, 70% of whom are children and women.
⭕️ (60,317) injured.
⭕️ (6,200) injured people need to travel for treatment to save a life.
⭕️  (707) wounded, only those who traveled for treatment.
⭕️ (10,000) cancer patients face the risk of death.
⭕️ (99) cases of arrest of health personnel.
⭕️ (10) detained journalists.
⭕️(2) million displaced people in the Gaza Strip.
⭕️ (400,000) infected with infectious diseases as a result of displacement.
⭕️ (134) government headquarters destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️(95) schools and universities were completely destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️(295) schools and universities that were partially destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️ (145) mosques were completely destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️ (243) mosques partially destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️ (3) Churches targeted and destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️ (69,300) housing units were completely destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️(290,000) housing units partially destroyed by the occupation.
⭕️(65,000) tons of explosives dropped by the occupation on Gaza.
⭕️ (30) Hospitals taken out of service by the occupation.
⭕️ (53) health centers that the occupation put out of service.
⭕️ (150) health institutions were partially targeted by the occupation.
⭕️ (121) ambulances destroyed by the occupation army.
⭕️(200) archaeological and heritage sites destroyed by the occupation.
Jan 14, 2024
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