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A press statement issued by the government media office in Gaza
⭕️ We call on our brothers in Egypt to open the Rafah crossing and agree to transfer 6,000 wounded people for treatment abroad immediately and urgently..
⭕️ In light of the catastrophic reality that the health sector and hospitals in the Gaza Strip are suffering from, as a result of the occupation targeting them and putting 30 hospitals completely out of service, and in light of the number of infections exceeding 58,000, including 6,000 (life-saving) infections and nearly 5,000 serious injuries; We appeal to our brothers in Egypt to urgently open the Rafah crossing and agree to transfer 6,000 wounded for treatment abroad immediately due to the inability of hospitals in the Gaza Strip to treat this huge number of wounded with critical and serious injuries.
⭕️ Unfortunately, only 10 to 20 wounded are allowed to be transferred daily, and this small number works to exacerbate the suffering of the wounded, whose numbers increase in the hundreds on a daily basis, in addition to calling on Egypt to improve the mechanism for approving the transfer and transfer of the wounded so that it becomes hundreds and thousands instead of approving only a few dozen.
⭕️ We appeal to all countries of the world to intervene immediately and urgently in order to save the lives of the wounded in the Gaza Strip. Every day more martyrs rise as a result of the lack of adequate health and medical services for all these numbers.
⭕️ We call on the international community and the United States of America to put pressure on the “Israeli” occupation to stop the genocidal war waged by the occupation army against our defenseless Palestinian people.
⭕️ We call on everyone to bear their moral and humanitarian responsibility in the face of the suffering of civilians, children and women in the Gaza Strip, as they are slaughtered from vein to vein while the world watches this tragedy.
‌‏Jan 08, 2024310 Israelis support South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel at the International Court in the Hague

310 Israeli citizens (as of Sunday evening) signed a petition addressed to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, expressing their support for the lawsuit filed by South Africa against the State of Israel. The petition read:
We, Israeli citizens, write to express our support for South Africa’s proceedings before the ICJ claiming that Israel’s conduct in Gaza violates its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The materials that emerge from South Africa’s application are horrific and credible. Israel is taking systematic steps to wipe out the population of Gaza, to starve them, to abuse them and to displace them. It implements a policy of erasing life possibilities, and Tsher leads to genocide. It systematically kills large sections of the population, leading academics, writers, doctors, medical staff, journalists and ordinary citizens.
We join the double concern expressed in the proceedings that Israel violates its obligations by committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, and by failing to prevent the genocide, including by failing to hold senior Israeli officials and others accountable for their direct and public incitement to genocide. We also join the applicants requesting a series of “provisional measures,” including that Israel immediately suspend its military operations in Gaza.
Initiators of the opetition include social worker Lior Kay, as well as Dr. Anat Matar and peace activist Yonathan Pollak. Lior Kay says: “Shortly after launching the petition we already got hundreds of signatures, and more keep coming in.  We know that in the public mood prevailing nowadays in Israel, our initiative may provoke anger and outrage and we may face oppressive measures by the authorities, as was done against many Israeli citizens who expressed opposition to the war or even simple compassion for the many dead of Gaza. Still, we are bound to take this conscientious step, in face of the atrocities perpetrated every day and even every hour by our country.
As noted also in South Africa’s suit, the horrors perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 offer no justification whatsoever for the complete destruction of the Gaza Strip, the killing of 22,000 people including thousands of children, and the expulsion two million people from their homes to live under the open sky in terrible conditions of hunger and rampant disease.”
Contact: Dr. Anat Matar:  +972-52-8560001


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