“Soldati”, testo “Come d’autunno sugli alberi le foglie” di Ungaretti

title Soldiers,

text:” As in autumn the leaves on the trees” by Ungaretti an Italian poet

this poem of teen age memory  kept running in my head this morning listening to the news from IDF that put Gaza, again under fire.

Apparently, Israeli refused to take back the hostages elderly people and the corpses of the mother and two young children that died in captivity and the live husband -father of them. One MUST wander why. May it be because the corpses of the young family who had become a symbol of hostages to be freed would show they were hit by the IDF attacks on Gaza? and the father may deplore and recall the accident publicly? I do not know, but it is for questioning.

So, rather that accepting them, Israeli started again bombing and already at 4pm more than 100 victims and claimed 200 Hamas positions hit, and surely a whole line of civilian  housing in Kan Younes. The only Hospital of capacity in Kan younes cannot receive all the causalities, already.

The UN children’s agency UNICEF condemns the resumption of fighting in Gaza, saying: “Today, those in power have decided that the killing of children would recommence.”

The United Nations human rights chief says the resumption of hostilities between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip is “catastrophic,” with the situation now “beyond crisis point.” “I urge all parties and states with influence over them to redouble efforts, immediately, to ensure a ceasefire — on humanitarian and human rights grounds,” Volker Turk says in a statement.

Paola Manduca NWRG

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