Gaza – A poem

11800 murdered civilians: men, women, 4600 children
But the victim we are told is the villain
Many a death certificate written before birth certificate
Yet, rotten governments western and arab procrastinate
no point to count the thousands rotting under the rubble
for no one has tools or equipment to go to the trouble
No counting of “unknowns” burried in mass graves
For there are still living injured after each of the shockwaves
The 27,000 living dead are injured many cannot be treated
For hospitals were bombed, medicine denied, and they can’t even be shielded
Hungry and thirsty they envy the dead
Children merely want to die having last meal fed
Or go to heaven where they can play
They hate the counting and feebly pray
to live to tell a story, realize dreams, maybe even an angel arrive
silence the bombs and keep hope alive
Tears stop …. Read the rest of the poem with images at

Slow death as hunger and thirst spread in Gaza

And all communication are now cut with places like Al-Shifa Hospital (the
last communication with them is that many babies out of incubators died, 3
dialysis patients died, hospital building being demolished by the
occupation army, starvation and no water…..

Hard to stay human but we must try even if ashamed of the silence of many

Mazin Qumsiyeh

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