Urgent update: Health consequences of war on Gaza-November 2, 2023

The Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council is sharing information on the health implications of the genocidal attack on Gaza.  We will update in 3-4 days.  Please use this information to organize and call for a ceasefire now and significant humanitarian assistance immediately.

Day 26

Gaza: It has become challenging to accurately keep up with the level of death and destruction so here is partial accounting of the last 3 days…

·       In past 24 hours: two intensive bombings of Jabalia Refugee Camp in the north, 7 hostages were killed, and hundreds of Palestinians killed and injured.

·       Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch determined Israel has used white phosphorus weapons.

·       >9,000 killed, 2/3 women and children, (3,648 children) 460 elderly; one child every ten minutes

·       Injured: 22,219

·       >2,030 missing under rubble

·       Housing units destroyed 35,000, 165,000+ partially damaged (45% of total housing)

·       Education facilities destroyed 232

·       21 hospitals and 77 ambulances damaged, 1/3 of hospitals and 3/4 of primary health centers shut down

·       Bombing of and around the following hospitals: Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital (only cancer hospital) shut down. Hospitals threatened: Al Ahli al-Arabi sheltering 3,000, al-Quds Hospital 400 patients, sheltering 12,000, Shifa Hospital 5,000 patients, sheltering 50,000

·       Patients at risk: >1,000 kidney failure, 9,000 cancer, 130 neonates in incubators

·       Critical shortages: drugs including antibiotics and morphine, blood products, supplies, fuel for electricity; water for drinking, washing wounds, cleaning instruments, ½ the staff at Shifa reported to have fevers; blunt crush injuries, shrapnel and  bullet injuries and  burns — will need intensive care treatment following surgery in order to survive.

·       All 13 hospitals in Gaza City and Northern Gaza under evacuation orders

·       16 health workers, 67 UNRWA staff, 34 civil defense killed while on duty

·       44 UNRWA installations damaged

·       20 WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) facilities damaged

·       7 churches and 47 mosques damaged

·       Internally displaced: approx. 1.4 million

·       Full electricity blackout, intermittent phone and internet blackout

·       Average wait time for normal bread portion: 4-6 hours

·       92% less water consumption than pre-hostilities, estimated 52,000 pregnant women and 30,000 babies are drinking brackish or contaminated water

·       Most of 65 sewage pumping facilities not operational

·       50% leakage in main water pipeline between Rafah and Khan Younis, none of 3 water pipelines from Israel functioning

·       625,000 students no access to education, 40% of educational facilities have been damaged or destroyed

·       217 aid trucks have entered since Oct 21

·       76 “exceptional cases” allowed to leave via Rafah into Egypt for urgent medical care, several hundred foreign nationals expected to leave

West Bank:

·       128 killed

·       >2,000 wounded

·       Increase Israeli settler attacks along with access restrictions by Israeli military, 800 Palestinians driven out of their homes and communities, 100 households in 15 different herding and Bedouin communities.


·       Leaked document: Israeli Ministry of Intelligence policy paper “Alternatives for a Political Directive for the Civilian Population in Gaza,” which advocates for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza.

·       Hezbollah: group has carried out 105 attacks on Israel, claiming 120 Israeli military casualties (killed and injured), and the destruction of nine armed military vehicles; 48 Hezbollah fighters have been killed.

·       Hamas rocket fire into Israel continues

·       16 soldiers killed in northern Gaza

·       Palestinian citizens of Israel are facing attacks and discrimination


·       Wall Street is predicting big profits from war, aerospace and weapons industries have seen a 7% value increase since onset of attacks.

Sources: OCHAOPT, Democracy Now,  Mondoweiss, Ministry of Health, Haaretz, Citizen Evidence Lab, Human Rights Watch, Electronic Intifada, CNN, The Guardian, New York Times

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