24-10-23 Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health Gaza Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra

🚨A bloody night that the Gaza Strip experienced during the past hours, its bitterness was felt by all residential communities, as the Israeli occupation admitted to targeting 400 areas in the Gaza Strip.
🚨The Israeli occupation committed 47 massacres in the past hours, claiming 704 martyrs, which is the largest number of massacres since the start of the Israeli aggression.
🚨The Israeli occupation’s massacres against families in the past hours killed 305 children, 173 women, and 78 elderly people.
🚨The massacres committed by the Israeli occupation against families amounted to 644 massacres, claiming the lives of 4,292 martyrs, the largest number of whom are still under the rubble.
🚨The total number of victims of the Israeli aggression since the start of the aggression on Gaza reached 5,791 martyrs, including 2,360 children, 1,292 women, and 295 elderly people, in addition to 16,297 citizens suffering various injuries.
🚨70% of the victims are children, women and the elderly, and we received 1,550 reports of missing persons still under the rubble, including 870 children.
🚨Israeli violations against the health system led to the death of 65 medical staff and the destruction of 25 ambulances and putting them out of service
🚨We confirm that 12 hospitals and 32 health centers are out of service, and we fear that more will be out of service in the coming hours due to targeting and running out of fuel
🚨The Ministry of Health announces the complete collapse of hospitals in the Gaza Strip
🚨Hospital doors remaining open does not mean that they are providing service to the flood of wounded people flowing into them
🚨Hundreds of cases are delayed in arriving to operating rooms for several days due to the enormous pressure of serious and complex injuries
🚨Medical teams differentiate between cases to try to save any life, and critical cases are increasing.
🚨Hundreds of cases are lying on the ground without even simple medical intervention due to the lack of capabilities and lack of personnel
🚨The mechanism for bringing in medical aid is fragile and the collapsed hospitals have not been helped until this moment
🚨We call on all parties to ensure the flow of medical aid according to hospital priorities to save the wounded

🚨We call on the international community to quickly supply hospitals with fuel to save thousands of wounded and sick people.

🚨* We call on the Arab Republic of Egypt to open the Rafah land crossing and ensure the flow of medical aid and fuel and the exit of the wounded and sick.
🚨We call on all countries of the world to send specialized medical delegations to rescue those wounded in the Israeli aggression.
🚨We call on all retired colleagues and volunteers from all specialties to join hospitals immediately.
🚨Medical teams find it extremely difficult to deal with burn injuries and the increasing skin melting of those wounded in the Israeli aggression

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