Statements by the spokesman of the Ministry of Health of Gaza


Statements by the spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Dr.Ashraf al-Qudra on the fourteenth day of the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.
20 Oct, 2023

– The Israeli forces committed 37 massacres against the families of the Gaza Strip, killing 352 civilians and injuring 669 in the past 24 hours.

– The Israeli airstrikes targeted the Greek Orthodox Church in central Gaza, where 16 citizens were killed and dozens were injured, entire Christian families were killed in this attack, as they sought protection in the church and escaped the bombing.


– The total death toll of the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip rose to 4,137 deaths and the injury of 13,162 others.

– 70% of the victims of the Israeli aggression are children, women, and the elderly.

– The Israeli occupation committed massacres against 521 families, killing 3,109 citizens, and a large number of its victims are still under the rubble.

– We received 1,400 reports of missing people under the rubble, including 720 children.

– seven hospitals are now out of service due to the Israeli targeting and running out of fuel.

– 21 healthcare centers are out of service due to running out of fuel.

– 46 medical personnel were killed and 85 were injured during the Israeli aggression.

– 23 ambulances were distracted and decommissioned due to the Israeli direct attacks.

– The Ministry of Health is working to keep hemodialysis sections, proper health care, normal delivery, cesarean section operations, oncology services, vaccination, and other important services working, in parallel with the treatment of the Israeli airstrikes’ wounded with the limited available capabilities.

– Thousands of displaced citizens are in hospitals hindering patients’ access to the hospitals, which poses a danger to their lives.

– We call on the international community to stop the Israeli aggression and to stop the massacres in which Muslims and Christians are shading blood in the Gaza Strip.

– We call on the international community to stop the ongoing violations against health personnel, institutions, and ambulances.
– We call on the international community to import medical supplies and fuel to hospitals.

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