*CIR denounces renewal of Framework agreement between UNRWA, US*

Council on International Relations – Palestine denounced the renewal of the Framework Agreement between the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees “UNRWA” and the United States of America which guarantees the flow of US aid to UNRWA in return for UNRWA being committed to obligations that affect the essence and purpose of its work.
The Council said in a statement issued, Saturday, that the agreement makes the United States an observer of UNRWA and its work and will enable it to evaluate Palestinian curricula and change them to obliterate Palestinian rights and constants.
The CIR added: “The agreement has serious human rights implications for both UNRWA staff and its beneficiaries, including the right to freedom of expression, resistance and action against the occupation.”
“The renewal of the Framework Agreement, although it secures financial assistance, has clear political and security motives. Its ultimate goal is the interests of the occupation in liquidating the Palestinian refugee issue and the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” the Council added.
The Council called on the UNRWA to retract the agreement, and called on member states to increase funding for UNRWA to protect it from conditional and illegal political blackmail. It also called on UNRWA to disengage from all agreements that restrict its work and deviate it from its primary goals.
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