MOH Appeals to Save Lives of 9,000 Palestinian Cancer Patients in Gaza

The Gaza-based Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) urged Sunday, February 5, 2023 the international community and human rights organizations to step up efforts to improve diagnostic and treatment options for the hundreds of Palestinian cancer patients suffering due to Gaza siege.

According to the Health Ministry official, Abdul Latif Al-Hajj, there are around 9,000 cancer patients in Gaza waiting for urgent and immediate medical treatment.

According to Al-Hajj, Gaza’s health system suffers from significant inadequacies in the provision of health care for Palestinian cancer patients, including early diagnosis, diagnostic services, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy treatment as well.

He urged the international community and human rights organizations to take responsibility and encourage Israel to allow the mobility of Palestinian patients to hospitals in Jerusalem and the West Bank for medical treatment.

It’s noteworthy that many Palestinian patients in Gaza mainly depend on hospitals in occupied territories to receive the proper treatment and perform operations that are not available in the Strip.

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