Medication crisis in Gaza amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Over the past year, MAP has been responding to deepening crises across all three areas in which we work: Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. As MAP’s West Bank Director, I see the chronic shortages of basic necessities that these emergencies cause daily. I also see the devastating knock-on effect it has on the health and dignity of every Palestinian.

Essential medicines, nutritional support and medical supplies are desperately needed across the occupied Palestinian territory and refugee camps in Lebanon. So much so, that we are seeing children, mothers and families at risk, skipping meals and going without medicines. We urgently need to keep up our lifesaving work responding to emergencies.

In Gaza, food and medicines are becoming increasingly inaccessible. Even the most basic items. From talking with my colleagues in Gaza, I know that the damage sustained during Israel’s military offensive last May was enormous. After a fourth wave of COVID-19, with more services and supplies depleted, they tell me the health system continues to teeter on the brink of collapse. Medical staff in Gaza’s hospitals and clinics, describe the situation as being like a pressure cooker where they are having to work at their lowest capacity to try and meet the highest demand.

Please consider making a donation today and enable us to respond to this dire situation, and provide food packages and medicines to families and healthcare workers that depend on them.

Your donation could help replenish stocks of essential medicines and disposables needed to treat vulnerable babies in Gaza’s neonatal units. You could help supply the malnutrition clinic with high nutrient biscuits, food packages and vitamin bundles for families who need them. If you can, please give a gift today. For those of you who are looking to donate your Zakat during Ramadan, our appeal is eligible for your Zakat. Thank you.

With warm regards,

Aisha Mansour
West Bank Director, Medical Aid for Palestinians

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