Help alleviate the immediate suffering of the people of Gaza and to recover from the extended damages to health facilities


Child rescued from under the rubble of his house, May 16, 2021
Source- Days of Palestine

The Israeli operation “Guardians of the Wall” left more than 1442 wounded, and 213 dead by the morning of May 18th. Almost half of the dead are women (36), children (61), elderly (16). At least half of the injured are women and children.

These last most often require surgical operations and intensive care, and all need antibiotics and antipyretics and pain relievers. These are lacking. The suffering of those injured and the risk that they will not make it have increased.

The only biological and covid testing, laboratory, was destroyed on May 17, 6 Hospitals, 9 clinics were severely attacked and unable to function. The machinery and already scarce supplies within were destroyed. The local building of the Ministry of Health was bombed.

From Gaza, hospitals are asking for international help. They do not have capacity to take care of the victims of this latest massacre, nor to rehabilitate the lost facilities.

We launch this appeal for massive help, that will be delivered quickly, with your generosity. We aim to raise at least 200.000 euros in two weeks, primarily for oxygen, intensive care medicines, basic biological laboratory instruments.

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– through a bank transfer to account: IBAN IT59Y0501801400000011670924 to NWRG (NewWeapons Research Group) ONLUS

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