75 organizations write to Mr. Borrell about the Palestinian elections

To the attention of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/V-ce President

Dear Mr. Borrell,

As civil society organisations from different European countries, we would like to alert you to the responsibility of the European Union to protect the Palestinian elections scheduled for 22nd May, 31st July and 31st August 2021, under Israeli occupation and blockade.
We know that the European Union intends, as in 2006, to send observers to the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem to verify the proper conduct of the elections. We understand that to date the Israeli authorities have not allowed the delegation responsible for organising this observation mission to visit Palestine.

Our second concern is the participation of the Palestinians residing in East Jerusalem, which is illegally annexed by Israel, in these three votes. Their participation is unanimously demanded by all Palestinian parties, but on this point Israel has so far given only extremely negative signals.

Our third concern is the increasingly frequent imprisonment by Israel of candidates for these elections, of political leaders of parties involved in them, and of members of civil society who want to express their views on their context and the issues at stake.

On these three points, Mr. Borrell, we ask you to convey forcefully the will of the European Union to protect the Palestinian people, and the demand to Israel that these obstacles be lifted. We ask you to put on the agenda of a forthcoming Foreign Affairs Council the imposition of sanctions against the State of Israel if it does not respect these demands.

We also trust that the European Union and its Member States will make a solemn declaration at the next Foreign Affairs Council that they will respect the results of the forthcoming Palestinian elections, recognise all the institutions and individuals that will be accredited as a result of these elections (parliament, government, president, council and executive of the PLO), and collaborate with and protect them.


See the 75 signatures

Italian translation of the letter

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