On World Health Day, Al Mezan demands an end to health inequities for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

Every year, World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April. On this day in 1948, the First World Health Assembly was held, during which the World Health Organization (WHO) was formally founded. Since its inception, this annual celebration has aimed at raising awareness of a specific health issue or theme. For 2021, the theme is “Building a fairer, healthier world.”

Over the past year, the entire world has been engulfed by a global pandemic that has affected each and every community. But in the virus’s spread and in the world’s response, stark inequities have come to light. Indeed, one of the many outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to make ever more evident that ours is an unequal world, not least in terms of health.

Al Mezan reiterates its calls on the international community to take prompt action to ensure that Israel upholds its legal obligations by promoting and protecting the right to equality and the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health for the Palestinian population under its control. Al Mezan also calls on all humanitarian and aid organizations to continue their efforts to strengthen the resilience of the Palestinian health system and create conditions that are conducive to good health.

Read the press release on mezan.org/en/post/23956

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