⭕️ A daily update for the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza– March 14 Day 160 of the Israeli genocidal war..

The aggression on Gaza:
o The death & injured toll:
▪ The Palestinian death toll from the ongoing Israeli aggression has exceeded 31.341, of which 75% are children, women and elderly people. (+13.430 children and 8.900 women).
▪ More than 7.000 Palestinians are still under the rubble of the destroyed homes including over 5.000 children.
▪ The number of injured people has exceeded 73.134 most of them children and women according to the Health Ministry.
▪ More than 2.761 massacres against Palestinian families by bombing their homes while they were still inside.
▪ 471 people killed in the massacre of bombing the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on October 17.
▪ +48 members of the civil defense rescue teams killed while on duty.
▪ The death toll includes 162 UNRWA staff killed by the Israeli occupation army, and 26 others injured.
▪ The Health Ministry in early March said 28 children have so far died across Gaza due to malnutrition and dehydration, resulted from the Israeli deliberate policy of starvation.
▪ The preliminary estimates for the Palestinian losses of buildings and infrastructure exceeds $10 billion.

o The Israeli arrests of Palestinians from Gaza:
The Israeli army conducted arrests and forcible disappearance to over 3,000 Palestinians from Gaza, as they are held in unknown locations. Images and videos by the Israeli occupation soldiers showed how they arrested hundreds of Palestinians after forcing them to strip off their clothes.

MAR 14, 2024
Official website – Hamas movement

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