An update on Covid in Gaza

Source: Ministry of Health, Gaza

Total symptomatic registered since August 2020: 5,2% of the population (114,692/2,200,000)
Total deaths since August 2020: 0.005% of the population (1,069/ 2,200,000) and 0.9% of infected.

Two considerations are now possible:
a) luckily the crowding in shelters during attacks in May seem not have produced a further spread of serious cases and deaths.
b) in general, possibly due to the fact that the large majority of the population is under 30 in Gaza, the infection has been limited in its lethal effects, compared to other countries.
The level of positive for antibodies in the population was reported to be very high, without symptoms, before May, suggesting that a part of the population may have developed immunity without medium or serious illness.
But also the almost absolute lack of people traveling to and from the Gaza strip in the last 2 months, and the further reduction of commerce after the war has kept the infections and deaths limited.

Meanwhile Gaza received enough vaccine to cover 5% of the population, and its Medical Authorities used it to cover medical and related personnel, education personnel and fragile seniors, but far from all of these were fully covered.

When the border will reopen and people will be able to travel, the arrival of the new variants from abroad is likely and it is possible that the infection may pick up again.
The present pause in infections offers a window of time that can be precious to provide vaccines to cover a larger part of the population.

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