urgent appeal and a video of what can happen to people attempting to drive south from north Gaza

The Ministry of Health sends an urgent appeal to all countries and peoples of the world and all international institutionsad
• In view of the presence of hundreds of serious and critical cases of those wounded in the Israeli aggression, which exceeded the capabilities and carrying capacity of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which requires their exit to hospitals in the Arab Republic of Egypt, but the Israeli occupation insists on preventing their arrival to the southern Gaza Strip by blocking roads and targeting ambulances.
• We in the Ministry of Health informed the International Committee of the Red Cross of the necessity of providing protection and safe passage for the wounded to exit, but the International Committee of the Red Cross was unable to obtain the approval of the Israeli occupation. 

In the face of the urgent need to save the lives of the wounded, which is guaranteed by international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, we place everyone on their responsibilities,,,, and we announce before the eyes and eyes of the world that a convoy of ambulances will be moved carrying a large number of wounded to take them to the south of the Gaza Strip, taking Al-Rashid Street.  Al-Saheli, at exactly four o’clock in the afternoon this Friday, and we ask the International Committee of the Red Cross to accompany the convoy, the departure of which will coincide with the return of ambulances that have been detained in the southern Gaza Strip since yesterday and cannot move as a result of the Israeli occupation targeting them and all other humanitarian crews.

Ministry of Health
Gaza strip
Friday 11/3/2023
2:00 PM

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