coronavirus gaza update 29-08-21
Source: Ministry of Health, Gaza

Total symptomatic registered since August 2020: 5,81 % of the population (116.910/2,200,000)
Total deaths since August 2020: 0.052% of the population (1.135/ 2,200,000)

Last time point is August 28, 2021

Comparing the total of new confirmed cases these are increasing since the previous months and reached in late August over the level of cases in the period of the outburst of infection in April. An alert to poeple was sent by the Ministry of Health to vaccinate. For the time being the impact of the rise in infections on the number of deaths, that anyhow always trails after that of infections, did not yet manifest itself.

The delta variant, first detected in West Bank early August, was confirmed also in Gaza in the middle of August.

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